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Did you know that contact lenses are manufactured and prescribed for a certain wear schedule? This means that contact lens needs to be replaced after a certain amount of time. 

Contact lens evaluations are required to determine whether your lenses are still suitable and to ensure your contacts are the healthiest fit for your eye health and vision needs. Annual evaluations of your contact lenses are necessary since complications related to wearing contact lenses can be subtle.

Reasons you need an annual contact lens evaluation:

  • Clarity: Your prescription can change so you can improve your visual clarity by ensuring you are using the most accurate prescription for your eyes.
  • Fit: Your contacts may not fit as well because your corner may have changed. If your cornea changes, this could affect how well your contact lens fits your eyes.
  • Comfort: Your comfort in contacts could decline and wearing it can suddenly feel uncomfortable. However, optometrist can suggest another lens material or a different lens to make sure you feel comfortable when you’re wearing contact lens.
  • Mode: It is important to make sure you’re on the most effective replaced schedule since there are many different modes of replacement: daily, two-week, and monthly replacement schedules.
  • Health: Your contact lenses can cause problems with your corneal and conjunctival health if you are misusing the lenses. Since complications can be subtle, it can cause serious trouble in the future without annual evaluation.

Do you wear contact lens? If you already wear contacts, visit Eyeconcept for an evaluation. Our optometrist will make sure your contacts are the healthiest fit for your eye health and vision needs. 

Have never worn contact lens? Book an eye examination today to see if contact lens are the right solution for you. If so, our team at Eyeconcept will help you find the right contact lenses to fit your needs, lifestyle and preferences. 

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